November 12, 2008

Ifs and Buts

What could have happened.
Ponting could have bowled Watto with Krazzo. India would have set Aus a
target of 269 instead of 369, and Aus would have chased it by tea.
Ponting, in one afternoon's worth of nuance, could have stolen the
trophy from under India's nose. Indians would have bled, and acted like
sore losers, brought up any wrong decisions, the low over-rates, kink in
Krejza's actions, Bedi's treason and blamed the Nagpur pitch yet again.
Dhoni would have had to shave his head, Rahul would have needed Z-cover,
Tendulkar would have said the team did well to get here and Kirsten
would have been forced out.

What happened.
Ponting wanted to play a Test against the NZies - them of
very-nearly-lost-to-Bangladesh fame. So he bowled Huss and Kuss at
Harbhajan, the most hated Sikh on earth, who got a Fifty. Ricky boy run
himself out to the most rollypolly of Indian fielders doing a poor man's
Jhonty. Dada led the side for the last few overs of his life. That, from
Dada to Waugh and Dhoni to Punter, was as solid a finger as they come.
Mr. MopHair got a car ! And now Gotham city thinks sledging should be
banned, or elbow-action be allowed !

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Cricket with balls has now moved, true story.

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